Treatment in Singapore



Most individuals with haemophilia struggle to afford factor 8/9, the drug required to stop bleeding when injury occurs. Those with severe haemophilia may need to take this drug regularly because a bruise can occur even with a minor bump.

A bottle of factor 8 costs above $100 on average. A bruise on the ankle joint can easily expend 6 bottles of factor 8. Therefore, the Society conducts fundraising activities to provide its own subsidies, in addition to existing government subsidies. When you are a member of the Society, you are entitled to subsidies from the Society for your factor 8/9.

For children aged 12 years and below, the maximum claim per month is $400.00. For those aged 13 years and above, the maximum claim per month is $800.00.

Where Can I Get Treatment?

Singapore General Hospital


  • National Haemophilia Registry/SGH Haemophilia Treatment Clinic
    Haematology Centre, Block 7 Level 2
    Look for Staff Nurse Lillie Ho
  • Accident & Emergency Department


National University Hospital


  • Children’s Specialist Clinic (Haematology)
  • Specialist Clinic (Haematology)
  • Accident & Emergency Department


Kandang Kerbau Women And Children’s Hospital


  • Paediatric Haematology Clinic
  • Accident & Emergency Department


Other services available to individuals with haemophilia at these hospitals include orthopedic, physiotherapy, prenatal diagnosis, genetic counselling and dental services.

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