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The Haemophilia Society of Singapore was first formed and registered on 25 June 1985. It was started by a group consisting of people with haemophilia, parents, health care providers and some interested professionals. It obtained its approval from the Commissioner of Charities on 17, Sept 1986. The society is an affiliated member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and a member of the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH). It is, however, not under the umbrella of The Community Chest of Singapore.

The society was formed with the objective of looking after the welfare of people with haemophilia and their families through giving help and support. It provides a venue for people with similar problems and needs to come together to share and exchange experiences and to give each other moral support. Over the years, the society has held many seminars and talks regularly to impart knowledge and promote understanding of this medical disorder. These seminars also serve to keep all abreast of the advances and development in the field of haemophilia. The society also acts as a link between the patients and the medical caregivers in promoting understanding and fostering good relationship.

The society has set up several Haemophilia Endowment Funds in the National University Hospital, the Singapore General Hospital and the Kandang Kerbau Women and Children’s Hospital with an aim to subsidise the medical treatment of its members. The society has to raise its own fund to be able to achieve this objective. The Society, therefore depends very much on the generosity of well-wishers and kind donors to support its work .All donations to the Society are exempted from Singapore Income Tax as the Society was granted tax exemption status on 26 June 1997 under the Health Endowment Fund Scheme.

A committee of volunteers currently runs the society and meets once a month. There is no salaried staff in the society.

SGH Haemophilia Treatment Centre is now closed on Saturdays

HSS received $35000 from SICC

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