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Meet the Team

President Chee Chun Woei 
Vice President Dr. Gan Kim Loon
Honorary Secretary Freddy Lim 
Assistant Honorary Secretary See Ek May
Honorary Treasurer Wee Ai Choo
Committee Member Ng Teck Hiang
Committee Member  Dr Tan Hooi Hwa
Committee Member Tan Gek Cheng
Committee Member Tan Kai Ern
Committee Member Tang Ying Wei


President’s Address 2021/22

The Covid-19 pandemic had resulted in changes in the Society’s regular operations. With no physical gatherings, new communication tools came about. We have virtual video conferencing where WFH offered both virtual and in person participation at their May 2022 World Congress.

For fund raising, it was challenging to raise the required funds to provide the treatment subsidies of haemophilia members. The Covid-19 spelt an end to the Charity Film Premiere which was one of the Society’s main fund raising source.

However some new avenues offered support by way of corporate programmes like Benevity and Charities Aid Foundation America; some students from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School initiated a mask sale to fellow students to help the haemophilia cause and also a Christmas Bake-sale of cookies from a member and his family. The Society records its appreciation for all their efforts and hard work.

Treatment subsidies of members continue to rise and in the last financial year, over $300,000 was expended and 90% of funds raised are used for this purpose. Fortunately, the Society was able to receive a grant from the SymAsia Foundation Limited during the year and that helped to alleviate our financial situation. Thanks too to the many generous donors, Project Calendar 2022 raised an all time high of over $150,000! The Society was thus able to record a healthy surplus of over $180,000, overcoming the previous year’s deficit.

Since the Society’s inception in 1986, the quality of life for those with haemophilia has improved considerably. Members are encouraged to step forward to contribute and to continue the work of the Society. Chee Chun Woei thanked the stalwarts – Dr Tan Hooi Hwa, Dr Gan Kim Loon and Mrs Wee Ai Choo for tirelessly serving the past 35 years! Past and present Committee members, the three hospitals’ healthcare professionals, individuals and community groups were also thanked for their contributions and patient care.

Chee Chun Woei

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