La Valiant action report

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La Valiant action report

During the December Holidays, the newly-established Haemophilia Youth Committee organised La Valiant, an event that consists of two Sunday afternoons. Even though it was the start of a chain of events and activities led by the Haemophilia Youth Committee, we were glad that the event was successful. We are definitely pleased and grateful for everybody’s presence.

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, La Valiant had to be a digital event to ensure there were no close interactions between one another. All of the players who attended La Valiant were greeted with many ice-breaker games before proceeding to the main highlight. As what the event’s name suggests, there was a competition between each player amongst the games played.

Based on the point system, we are proud to announce that Ng Kheng Chew was the overall winner of La Valiant. However, in an act of genuine humility, Kheng Chew decided to give his prize to the next winner, Ang Kai Jun. Kai Jun will be awarded with a “state of the art” Razor Gaming Mouse as the grand prize.

Once again, we would like to thank each and every one’s support for La Valiant. There definitely will be more fun-filled activities planned this coming year! The Haemophilia Youth Committee hopes to see you in the upcoming activities!!

Have a great year ahead, Friends!

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