Books to Read

Knowing more about haemophilia helps you to know the best options to take in life. Ignorance often results in poor treatment and pain for the haemophiliac. Our reading corner aims to list some good books and web references that are useful to the average haemophiliac.

World Federation of Hemophilia

The website of the World Federation of Hemophilia boasts a large range of literature on haemophilia and related issues, most of which are available for download in pdf format. Recommended for those who have little knowledge of haemophilia. Look out for the “About Haemophilia” and “WFH Library/Publications” sections.

Last Review Date: Feb 11, 2004


Living with Haemophilia

This is a thick book and is pretty wordy. However, it is recommended reading for all as it contains an indepth coverage on the issues haemophiliacs face.

Praise for Living with Haemophilia
“All of those who come into contact with haemophilia should read this book.”
Journal of the Royal College of Physicians

Limited copies of the book are available for sale from the society. If you wish to purchase a copy, call Dr. Gan at 6256 4636.

Last Review Date: Feb 11, 2004

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