Where Can I Get Treatment?

Singapore General Hospital
  • National Haemophilia Registry/SGH Haemophilia Treatment Clinic
    Haematology Centre, Block 7 Level 2
    Look for Staff Nurse Lillie Ho
  • Accident & Emergency Department
National University Hospital
  • Children’s Specialist Clinic (Haematology)
  • Specialist Clinic (Haematology)
  • Accident & Emergency Department
Kandang Kerbau Women And Children’s Hospital
  • Paediatric Haematology Clinic
  • Accident & Emergency Department

Other services available to haemophiliacs at these hospitals include Orthopaedic, Physiotherapy, Prenatal Diagnosis, Genetic Counselling and Dental services.

SGH Haemophilia Treatment Centre is now closed on Saturdays

HSS received $35000 from SICC

The Haemophilia Society of Singapore is listed in the SG Gives donation portal



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