The Society is proud to have its own song as well. Written and composed by David Foo who is one of our members, the song illustrates the thoughts of an average haemophiliac. From the lyrics below, you can see it encourages the haemophiliac not to lose hope but to have a fighting spirit always. This is something we believe in, a fighting spirit!

You can get to hear David’s rendition of the song here as well!

Everyday as the world unfolds
We can see we are not alone
Hand in hand, everyone, we stand
Firm with no regrets

Though at times, we say life is unfair
At times we just can’t go on
Then again, just a few steps away
We witness a ray of hope

So be strong, let us carry on
To live a life worth living for
Traveling on with our hearts as one
Never letting go

So at times, we say life is unfair
Remember our song, our prayer
Let it be our pillar of strength
For many more years to come

Words and Music by David Foo
© Warner-Chappell Music Taiwan Ltd 2004

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